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Caesium chloride L.R.
Caffeine L.R.
Calcite see, Calcium carbonate
Calcium acetate (Calcium ethanote) L.R.
Calcium carbide (Calcium dicarbide) T
Calcium carbonate (Calcite, Whiting powder)
Calcium carbonate (precipitated) A.R.
Calcium carbonate (precipitated) L.R.
Calcium carbonate see also marble chips
Calcium chloride L.R.
Calcium Chloride Lump
Calcium ethanedioate see, oxalate
Calcium granules
Calcium hydroxide (Slaked lime)
Calcium hypochlorite see, Bleaching powder
Calcium nitrate 4-water L.R.
Calcium oxide lump T
Calcium oxide powder (Quicklime)
Calcium phosphate (V) precipitated L.R.
Calcium phosphate monobasic see, Calcium tetrahydrogen di-phosphate (V)
Calcium phosphate tribasic see, Calcium phosphate (V)
Calcium sulphate hemilhydrate (Plaster of Paris) L.R.
Calcium sulphate precipitated L.R.
Calcium tetrahydrogen di-phosphate (V) L.R.
Calcuim carbonate see, also Marble chips
DL-Camphor synthetic L.R.
Canada balsam, dried and dissolved in xylene
n-Caproic acid see, n-Hexanoic acid
Capryl alcohol see, Octan-2-ol
Caprylic acid see, n-Octanoic acid
Carbamide see, Urea
Carbolic acid see, Phenol
Carbon see, Charcoal
Carnauba wax
Casein powder
Catechol (Benzene-1,2-diol) L.R. (68)
Caustic potash see, Potassium hydroxide
Caustic soda see, Sodium hydroxide
Cellosolve see, 2-Ethoxyethanol
Ceramic fibre wool
Ceric salts see, Cerium (IV) salts
Cerium (IV) sulphate (low in other rare earths) (Ceric sulphate) L.R.
Cetrimide (Cetyl trimethylammonium bromide)
Cetyl alcohol see, Hexadecan-1-ol
Cetyl trimethylammonium bromide see, Cetrimide
Charcoal - Decolourizing powder activated
Charcoal wood lump T
Charcoal wood powder
China clay see, Kaolin
2-Chloro-2-methylpropane (t-Butyl chloride) L.R.
Chloroacetic acid L.R.
Chlorobenzene L.R.
1-Chlorobutane (n-Butyl chloride) L.R.
2-Chlorobutane (sec-Butyl chloride) L.R.
Chloroform, stabilised with amylene A.R.
Chloroform, stabilised with amylene L.R.
(Chloromethyl) benzene see, Benzyl chloride
Chlorosulphonic acid L.R.
Chromium (III) chloride 6-water L.R.
Chromium (III) potassium sulphate 12-water L.R.
Chromium (III) sulphate basic L.R.
Chromium powder T
Citric acid A.R.
Citric acid crystals (2-Hydroxpropane- 1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid) L.R.
Citric acid powder L.R.
Clay powder
Cobalt (II) carbonate L.R.
Cobalt (II) chloride L.R.
Cobalt (II) nitrate L.R.
Cobalt (II) sulphate L.R.
Cobalt pieces
Colour card (for use with Universal indicator CU3000-16 and CU3000-24)
Congo red, solid (pH indicator)
Copper (I) chloride (cuprous chloride) L.R.
Copper (I) Oxide (cuprous oxide) L.R.
Copper (II) bromide (cupric bromide)
Copper (II) Carbonate, basic (cupric carbonate) L.R.
Copper (II) chloride (cupric chloride) L.R.
Copper (II) chromate (IV)
Copper (II) Nitrate (cupric nitrate) L.R.
Copper (II) Oxide A.R.
Copper (II) Oxide L.R.
Copper (II) Oxide, wire form (cupric oxide)
Copper (II) sulphate 5-water (Cupric sulphate), large crystals L.R.
Copper (II) sulphate 5-water (Cupric sulphate), small crystals L.R.
Copper (II) sulphate 5-water A.R.
Copper (II) Sulphate anhydrous L.R.
Copper (II) sulphide (Cupric sulphide) L.R.
Copper (metal foil, about 0.1mm) L.R.
Copper powder precipitated (metal)
Copper, small pieces
o-Cresol (2-Methyl phenol) L.R.
p-Cresol (4-Methyl phenol) L.R.
Cresol red solid (pH dindicator)
Crystal violet stain (Gentian violet)
Cyclohexane L.R
*Hazardous surcharge may be applicable*Cyclohexane L.R.
Cyclohexanol L.R.
Cyclohexanone L.R.
Cyclohexene L.R.