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Haematoxylin stain
Heptan-1-01 (n-Heptyl alcohol) L.R.
Heptane fraction L.R.
Hex-1-ene L.R.
Hexadecan-1-ol (Cetyl alcohol) L.R.
Hexamethylenediamine see, 1,6 Diaminohexane
Hexan-1-ol (n-Hexyl alcohol) L.R.
Hexane Fraction L.R
*Hazardous surcharge may be applicable*Hexane fraction L.R.
n-Hexane L.R.
Hexane-1,6-diamine see, 1,6-Diaminohexane
Hexanedioic acid see, Adipic acid
Hexanedioyl dichloride see, Adipoyl chloride
n-Hexanoic acid (Caproic acid) L.R.
n-Hexoic acid see, Hexanoic acid
n-Hexyl alcohol see, Hexan-1-ol
Hydrobromic acid 49% L.R.
Hydrochloric acid 0.1M (0.1N) C.V.S
*Hazardous surcharge may apply on 2.5l*Hydrochloric acid 36% A.R.
*hazardous surcharge may apply on 2.5l*Hydrochloric acid 36% L.R.
Hydrochloric acid M (N) C.V.S
Hydrochloric acid solution 0.1M (0.1N)
Hydrochloric acid solution 2M (2N)
Hydrochloric acid solution M (N)
Hydrochloric acid solution, 5M (5N)
Hydrochloric acid Technical
Hydrogen Peroxide 100 vols L.R
Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 volumes) A.R.
Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 volumes) L.R.
*Hazardous surcharge may apply on 2.5lt*Hydrogen peroxide solution L.R. (100 volumes)
Hydroquinone see, Quinol
2-Hydroxbenzoic acid see, Salicylic acid
2-Hydroxpropropanoic acid see, Lactic acid
2-Hydroxybenzenecarboxylic acid see, Salicylic acid
DL-2-Hydroxybutanedioic acid see, Malic acid
Hydroxylammonium chloride (Hydroxylamine hydrochloride)
2-Hydroxypropane-1,2,3-Tricarboxylic acid see, Cirtic acid
tris-(2-Hyroxyethyl) amine see, Triethanolamine